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We consider the dynamics of p anti-D3 branes inside the Klebanov-Strassler geometry, the deformed conifold with M units of RR 3-form flux around the S 3. We find that for p << M the system relaxes to a nonsupersymmetric NS 5-brane " giant graviton " configuration, which is classically stable, but quantum mechanically can tunnel to a nearby supersymmetric(More)
Nerve growth factor (NGF) deprivation was produced in adult rats and guinea pigs by immunization against mouse NGF. Exposure of adult animals to anti-NGF had no effect on sensory ganglion neuronal number or size-frequency histograms. However, the substance P content of sensory ganglia, spinal cord and hind paw skin decreased to as great an extent as was(More)
The recent demonstration of endogenous stem/progenitor cells in the adult mammalian brain raises the exciting possibility that these undifferentiated cells may be able to generate new neurons for cell replacement in neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington's disease (HD). Previous studies have shown that neural stem cells in the rodent brain(More)
This article focuses on the psychometric stability of the end-user computing satisfaction (EUCS) instrument by Doll and Torkzadeh when applied to Taiwanese end-users of typical business software applications. Using a survey of 342 users, this research provides evidence that the instrument is a valid and reliable measure in Taiwanese applications. Given this(More)
Employing the string bit formalism of hep-th/0209215, we identify the basis transformation that relates BMN operators in N = 4 gauge theory to string states in the dual string field theory at finite g 2 = J 2 /N. In this basis, the supercharge truncates at linear order in g 2 , and the mixing amplitude between 1 and 2-string states precisely matches with(More)
An analogue of the Riemannian Geometry for an ultrametric Cantor set (C, d) is described using the tools of Noncommutative Geometry. Associated with (C, d) is a weighted rooted tree, its Michon tree [28]. This tree allows to define a family of spectral triples (C Lip (C), H, D) using the ℓ 2-space of its vertices, giving the Cantor set the structure of a(More)
Recent theoretical developments permit the prediction of 1H, 13C, 15N, and 19F nuclear magnetic resonance chemical shifts in proteins and offer new ways of analyzing secondary and tertiary structure as well as for probing protein electrostatics. For 13C, phi, psi torsion angles dominate shielding for C alpha and C beta, but the addition of hydrogen bonding(More)
Rats and guinea pigs, when immunized with mouse nerve growth factor, produce antibodies that cross-react with their own nerve growth factor. The antibodies reach developing offspring of these animals both prenatally (rats and guinea pigs) and postnatally (rats). Depriving the fetus of nerve growth factor in this way results in the destruction of up to 85(More)
Prior IS research demonstrates that computer playfulness, personal innovativeness and cognitive absorption during technology use lead to a number of positive behavioral and affective outcomes. While early studies have warned that these individual traits and psychological states can lead to certain negative effects, little IS research has empirically(More)
In most natural decision contexts, the process of selecting among competing actions takes place in the presence of informative, but potentially ambiguous, stimuli. Decisions about magnitudes - quantities like time, length, and brightness that are linearly ordered - constitute an important subclass of such decisions. It has long been known that perceptual(More)