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Modern healthcare organizations (HCOs) are composed of complex dynamic teams to ensure clinical operations are executed in a quick and competent manner. At the same time, the fluid nature of such environments hinders administrators' efforts to define access control policies that appropriately balance patient privacy and healthcare functions. Manual efforts(More)
Two groups of old-age pensioners in St. Paul's Cray were screened for physical illness, social and family connexions, and personal activities. The first group comprised 100 people (10% random sample of a suburban practice of 12,000 patients), and the second group comprised the total population of a sheltered area (85 people).The findings showed that(More)
The action of digitalis on the circulation-in man is not yet clearly understood. There can be no doubt that it benefits most patient-s with congestive heart failure, but beyond this there is no certainty. McKenzie (1905) believed that its value was -greatest in cases of congestive heart failure with auricular fibrillation and could then be attributed to(More)
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