John-Paul Gomez

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The EMBU (Egna Minnen Beträffande Uppfostran) is a self-reporting questionnaire developed to assess memories of adults about their parents' rearing practices. In the present study, an exploratory factor analysis was carried out on items of the EMBU-P, a new version of the EMBU especially designed to obtain ratings from parents about their own rearing(More)
The authors assessed patients newly admitted to two North American health centers and one South American (Colombian) center according to a standardized protocol, with a structured interview, a symptom checklist, and a depression scale. The patients were suffering from major depressive disorders with endogenous features. There was an impressive similarity in(More)
Maternal-infant transmission of HIV-1 occurs in 13-40% of pregnancies. Studies on transmission of maternal immunity to HIV antigens have used antigens from viruses not representative of clinical isolates and have been conflicting. Using a consensus peptide sequence based on HIV isolates found in Haiti, we found that Haitian mothers who transmitted infection(More)
Anxiety disorders and anxiety symptoms are highly prevalent in the general population and more so in the medically ill. They have a number of negative consequences for these patients and may worsen the outcome of the medical illness and increase health care utilization. In the evaluation of these patients, it is of paramount importance to identify the(More)