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BACKGROUND Epidemiologic data are accumulating that suggest that postmenopausal estrogen therapy reduces the risk of developing coronary artery disease (CAD). Computer simulation by Markov analysis can be applied to current data to estimate the increase in life expectancy obtained from postmenopausal estrogen use and compare them with benefits from other(More)
The inability to cure disease or reverse dysfunction results in chronic illness. With it, patients, their families, and society face a unique set of needs and challenges. In the United States, its care consumes 75% of total health care resources. Two thirds of Medicare resources are spent on the 25% of beneficiaries having multiple chronic diseases.(More)
This article reviews the ways in which physicians reason in order to account for medical mismanagement due to cognitive errors. Whether physicians make decisions intuitively or analytically, they may err due to the approximations of human reasoning. Vigilance, education, and programs at the level of the medical system are suggested as measures to make(More)
Since its inception, family medicine has understood the importance of a holistic approach to health care and the benefits stemmingfrom integrating health care resources. This approach and its benefits have not, however, been fully appreciated by consumers, payers, and policy makers, especially in today's dynamic marketplace. Articulating the benefits of an(More)
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