John P. Woodcock

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OBJECTIVE To summarize the currently published scientific evidence for the venous flow effects of mechanical devices, particularly intermittent pneumatic compression, and the relation to prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA While intermittent pneumatic compression is an established method of DVT prophylaxis, the variety of(More)
It has been hypothesised that each artery in the human body has its own characteristic "signature" -a unique Doppler flow profile which can identify the artery and which may also be modified by the presence of disease. To test this hypothesis an artificial neural network (ANN) was trained to recognise three groups of maximum frequency envelopes derived from(More)
UNLABELLED This prospective cohort study was conducted to find the role of tumor neovascularization in skin melanoma measured by preoperative Doppler ultrasound flowmetry in determining the 15-year outcome. SETTING Department of Surgery, University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff, UK. Seventy-one primary melanomas in 67 patients were studied with a(More)
A duplex ultrasound system was used to measure volumetric flow in the human common femoral artery. The accuracy of the technique was validated using a flow rig. The average resting common femoral artery flow rate in a population of subjects clinically unaffected by peripheral vascular disease was 350 +/- 141 mls min-1. Although mean common femoral artery(More)
Ultrasonic pulsed-Doppler signals from deep-lying vessels in the normal abdomen and pelvis are described. The signal characteristics combine to produce a Doppler "signature" that is specific for each vessel. The clinical potential of this method of deep flow detection is considered in relation to three areas of Doppler signal analysis: first, qualitative(More)
A study of tumour blood flow in 36 patients with 38 malignant melanomas using Doppler Ultrasound flowmetry has shown that tumour blood flow can be detected in most melanomas more than 0.9 mm thick, and is absent in most melanomas less than this thickness. Histological quantitation of blood vessels using lectin staining to delineate vascular endothelium and(More)
The blood flow in 71 primary skin melanomas was investigated by a 10MHz Doppler ultrasound flowmeter and flow signals were analysed on an Angioscan-II spectrum analyser. Doppler flow signals were detected in 44 tumours, with a close relationship to Breslow's tumour thickness. No blood flow signal was detected in 27 lesions and 25 of these had a tumour(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the relative efficacy of intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) and graduated compression stockings (GCS) stated in direct clinical comparisons. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Both IPC and GCS are recommended for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis in surgical patients. Although both are known to be effective, guidance is less clear on(More)