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The gene cul-1 (formerly lin-19) is a negative regulator of the cell cycle in C. elegans. Null mutations cause hyperplasia of all tissues. cul-1 is required for developmentally programmed transitions from the G1 phase of the cell cycle to the GO phase or the apoptotic pathway. Moreover, the mutant phenotype suggests that G1-to-S phase progression is(More)
Reaper, Hid, and Grim are three Drosophila cell death activators that each contain a conserved NH(2)-terminal Reaper, Hid, Grim (RHG) motif. We have analyzed the importance of the RHG motifs in Reaper and Grim for their different abilities to activate cell death during development. Analysis of chimeric R/Grim and G/Reaper proteins indicated that the Reaper(More)
The Drosophila genes reaper, head involution defective (hid), and grim all reside at 75C on chromosome three and encode related proteins that have crucial functions in programmed cell death (reviewed in ). In this report, we describe a novel grim-reaper gene, termed sickle, that resides adjacent to reaper. The sickle gene, like reaper and grim, encodes a(More)
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