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Electrical activity in the gastrointestinal system produces magnetic fields that may be measured with superconducting quantum interference device magnetometers. Although typical magnetometers have detection coils that measure a single component of the magnetic field, gastric and intestinal magnetic fields are vector quantities. We recorded gastric and(More)
A theoretical model of magneto-acoustic current imaging is derived, based on fundamental equations of continuum mechanics and electromagnetism. In electrically active tissue, the interaction between an applied magnetic field, B, and action currents, J, creates a pressure distribution. In the near field limit, this pressure obeys Poisson's equation, with a(More)
Numerical calculations simulated the response of cardiac muscle to stimulation by electrical current. The bidomain model with unequal anisotropy ratios represented the tissue, and parallel leak and active sodium channels represented the membrane conductance. The speed of the wavefront was faster in the direction parallel to the myocardial fibers than in the(More)
An understanding of chemotaxis at the level of cell-molecule interactions is important because of its relevance in cancer, immunology, and microbiology, just to name a few. This study quantifies the effects of flow on cell migration during chemotaxis in a microfluidic device. The chemotaxis gradient within the device was modeled and compared to experimental(More)
The ejection of material from Mars is thought to be caused by large impacts that would heat much of the ejecta to high temperatures. Images of the magnetic field of martian meteorite ALH84001 reveal a spatially heterogeneous pattern of magnetization associated with fractures and rock fragments. Heating the meteorite to 40 degrees C reduces the intensity of(More)
BACKGROUND Multiple myeloma is a hematologic malignancy associated with the development of a destructive osteolytic bone disease. RESULTS Mathematical models are developed for normal bone remodeling and for the dysregulated bone remodeling that occurs in myeloma bone disease. The models examine the critical signaling between osteoclasts (bone resorption)(More)
We describe a model for the Compound Action Currents (CACs) and Compound Action Potentials (CAPs) produced by a peripheral nerve bundle in vitro. The Single Fiber Action Currents (SFACs) and the extracellular Single Fiber Action Potentials (SFAPs) are calculated using a generalized volume conduction model. Frequency-dependent conductivities, variations in(More)
The unique time course of an excitable element in cardiac tissue can be represented as the phase of its trajectory in state space. A phase singularity is defined as a spatial point where the surrounding phase values changes by a total of 2 pi, thereby forming the organizing center for a reentrant excitatory wave, a phenomenon which occurs in cardiac(More)
Recent advances in the technology of recording magnetic fields associated with electric current flow in biological tissues have provided a means of examining action currents that is more direct and possibly more accurate than conventional electrical recording. Magnetic recordings are relatively insensitive to muscle movement, and, because the recording(More)