John P. Sustersic

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The Human Visual System (HVS) exhibits multi-resolution characteristics, where the fovea is at the highest resolution while the resolution tapers off towards the periphery. Given enough activity at the periphery, the HVS is then capable to foveate to the next region of interest (ROI), to attend to it at full resolution. Saliency models in the past have(More)
A location dependent query (LDQ) result set is valid only in a specific region called the validity region (VR). While limiting the validity of a particular result set to a given area, the VR may also be used in caching implementations to determine if cached results satisfy semantically equivalent queries. Existing LDQ caching schemes rely on the database(More)
The growing application of caching in Internet applications have heretofore relied largely on qualitative observation and empirical data on the update behavior of Internet data in their design. While it is empirically known that the update behavior of such data is distinctly bimodal, much less is known about the details of these behaviors and the processes(More)
Caching has long been employed in computer system architectures to improve performance in terms of reduced memory access times and latencies and hence, to improve throughput at the expense of additional complexity in memory organization and of managing multiple copies of shared data. In traditional large-scale computer architectures, the cache coherency(More)
A digital signal processor (DSP) solution is proposed to control an H-bridge DC-DC isolated output power converter. The multiple mode digital controller is evaluated with an existing Westinghouse 1-kW power stage. The digital controller was developed using the dSPACE [1] rapid prototype development system and MATLAB/Simulink. It is evaluated using a(More)
The third year of the PSI project was marked with increased effort in translating research ideas to full-fledged prototype development in overlapping domains of Wireless Sensor Networks, Computer and Network Security, Pervasive Computing, Machine Learning, and Databases. We have made significant gains in mission programming and decision making logic of(More)
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