John P. Stampfel

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Software reliability modeling of data collected during the testing of a large-scale industrial system was used to measure software quality from the customer perspective. Specitically, software quality was measured in terms of the system software failure rate expressed as number of failures per hour of system operation. The testing phase analyzed, Stability(More)
Software systems typically contain design and code defects that manifest themselves as software failures at various points during program execution. These software faults can be viewed as causing failures to occur according to some chance mechanism that is often taken to be a Poisson Process. In this paper, individual per-fault failure sequences (resulting(More)
An approach to determining the consequences of a stop-test decision that combines software reliability engineering and economic analysis is described. The approach develops a model to quantify the economic consequences associated with terminating testing at a reliability achieved with a specified number of units of test-program execution, collects data on(More)
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