John P. O'Brien

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BACKGROUND Recent studies have suggested that hemostatic factors and white blood cell count are predictive of ischemic heart disease (IHD). The relations of fibrinogen, viscosity, and white blood cell count to the incidence of IHD in the Caerphilly and Speedwell prospective studies are described. METHODS AND RESULTS The two studies have a common core(More)
Forty-nine patients with disseminated gonococcal infection (DGI) hospitalized at Boston City and University Hospitals over a 7-year period were studied. Patients with clinical manifestations of DGI and with cervical, urethral, rectal, pharyngeal, synovial or blood cultures positive for Neisseria gonorrhoeae were separated into two groups based on the(More)
A platelet test that is predictive of myocardial infarction (MI) and/or stroke would enable the targeting of anti-platelet drugs towards high-risk patients. The predictive power of several platelet tests for MI and for stroke was examined in 2000 older men in the Caerphilly Cohort Study of Heart Disease, Stroke and Cognitive Decline. The tests were:(More)
Ring-shaped inflammatory lesions sometimes develop in the abnormal "elastotic" connective tissues of skin damaged by sun and heat. The lesions, which commence as papules and nodules, enlarge very slowly and may persist for years. Microscopical sections show that there is an infiltrate composed mainly of foreign-body giant cells, the cells being engaged in(More)
The low-frequency (<1000 cm-1) region of the IR spectrum has the potential to provide detailed structural and mechanistic insight into the photosystem II/oxygen evolving complex (PSII/OEC). A cluster of four manganese ions forms the core of the OEC and diagnostic manganese-ligand and manganese-substrate modes are expected to occur in the 200-900 cm-1 range.(More)
Cet article examine les principles, les développements et les concepts de la fusion combinée antérieure et postéricure du rachis, à la lumière de l'expérience acquise au cors de dix années sur un effectif de 750 patients. La technique a été initialement mise au point pour le traitement chirurgical des syndromes postdiscectomie. Les indications se sont(More)
The Caerphilly and Speedwell studies have previously reported the predictive power of heat-precipitation, nephelometric, fibrinogen for 10-year incidence of ischaemic heart disease. A Clauss, clotting time, fibrinogen was also measured at baseline, but has not previously been reported. The predictive power of the two assays is compared. Both methods were(More)
Data from two community studies on men from South Wales and the west of England suggest that the effects of smoking on the haemostatic system remain for many years after giving up. Long term correlations between several variables, including plasma fibrinogen and white cell count, and the length of time after giving up were seen in ex-smokers. Dose response(More)
Eukaryotic elongation factor 2 kinase (eEF-2K) is an atypical protein kinase regulated by Ca(2+) and calmodulin (CaM). Its only known substrate is eukaryotic elongation factor 2 (eEF-2), whose phosphorylation by eEF-2K impedes global protein synthesis. To date, the mechanism of eEF-2K autophosphorylation has not been fully elucidated. To investigate the(More)