John P Muller

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This article considers the phenomenon of treatment resistance as primarily resulting from the eclipse of the "Third." The notion of the Third is examined across a range of psychoanalytic and other formulations classified according to developmental, relational, and structural dimensions. This conception supports the importance of attending to issues of(More)
The La Follette School takes no stand on policy issues; opinions expressed within these papers reflect the views of individual researchers and authors. Executive Summary Climate change presents unprecedented challenges for human societies and its mitigation requires transformations of the basic infrastructure of modern economies. Warming associated with the(More)
The Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs is a nonpartisan teaching and research department of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The school takes no stand on policy issues; opinions expressed in these pages reflect the views of the authors. and Development (OECD). This study has provided graduate students at La Follette the opportunity to(More)
This paper addresses sublimation in Gustav Mahler's Symphony no. 8 through Lacan's (1986, 1992) notion of das Ding, the Thing. The author reads Lacan as using das Ding, a term taken from Freud, as shorthand for archaic experience. Lacan provides a reference point when he states that "the Kleinian doctrine places the mother's body there" (1992, p. 117). Das(More)
This paper is a review of the status of research pertaining to the hospital setting and a proposed design for a program of research for psychiatric hospitals. Assessment of patient status, treatment, hospital characteristics, and aftercare settings are reviewed in the first section. The second section presents some possible instruments to measure these(More)
Admission and mean 14-year follow-up Global Assessment Scale functioning were studied in 237 inpatients meeting DSM-III criteria for borderline (BPD) and schizotypal (SPD) personality disorders and compared to major affective disorder, schizophrenia and other diagnoses. BPD patients also meeting criteria for SPD functioned more poorly than other BPD or SPD(More)