John P. Mottinger

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Sex determination in maize is controlled by a developmental cascade leading to the formation of unisexual florets derived from an initially bisexual floral meristem. Abortion of pistil primordia in staminate florets is controlled by a tasselseed-mediated cell death process. We positionally cloned and characterized the function of the sex determination gene(More)
The unstable mutation bz-m039 arose in a maize (Zea mays) stock that originated from a plant infected with barley stripe mosaic virus. The instability of the mutation is caused by a 3.9-kb mobile element that has been named Jittery (Jit). Jit has terminal inverted repeats (TIRs) of 181 bp, causes a 9-bp direct duplication of the target site, and appears to(More)
Bs1, a transposable element that moved into the maize Adh1 gene following barley stripe mosaic virus infection, is shown to be present in 1-5 copies in all maize and teosinte lines tested. Bs1 sequences do not hybridize with the genome of barley stripe mosaic virus. The insertion of Bs1 is bounded by 304-bp perfect direct repeats, similar in structure to(More)
Many areas critical to agricultural production and research, such as the breeding and trait mapping in plants and livestock, require robust and scalable genotyping platforms. Genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) is a one such method highly suited to non-human organisms. In the GBS protocol, genomic DNA is fractionated via restriction digest, then reduced(More)
Aberrant Ratio (AR) stocks of maize were tested for transposition activity. Lines exhibiting AR and homozygous for the dominant alleles at the Sh Bz and Wx loci in the short arm of chromosome 9 were crossed as males to a sh bz wx tester. Among a population of 346,201 kernels, eight mutations of sh and two of bz were recovered. Eight of the ten mutations(More)
Mutations at the Adh1 locus in maize were selected from plants infected with barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV). Pollen from the infected inbred line 1s2p, which is homozygous for Adh1-S (abbreviated S), Adh2-P, c and r was treated with allyl alcohol and applied to silks of a tester stock homozygous for Adh1-F, Adh2-N, C and R. From these pollinations 356(More)
The unstable mutant bz-x3m arose in a plant subjected to X-irradiation. The element at the bronze locus is non-autonomous and recombination data indicate that an autonomous element is tightly linked. The autonomous element has been designated Mx (mobile element induced by X-rays) and the non-autonomous element, rMx (responder to Mx). Linkage data indicate(More)
Since their initial discovery, transposons have been widely used as mutagens for forward and reverse genetic screens in a range of organisms. The problems of high copy number and sequence divergence among related transposons have often limited the efficiency at which tagged genes can be identified. A method was developed to identity the locations of Mutator(More)
The maize sex determination pathway results in the arrest of stamen in ear spikelets and the abortion of pistils in both the tassel spikelets and in the secondary florets of ear spikelets. Arrested stamen cells showed no signs of DNA fragmentation, an absence of CYCLIN B expression, and an accumulation of the negative cell cycle regulator WEE1 RNA.