John P. Lekakis

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Endorsed by the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) and by the International Society of Chemotherapy (ISC) for Infection and Cancer Authors/Task Force Members: Gilbert Habib (Chairperson) (France)*, Bruno Hoen (France), Pilar Tornos (Spain), Franck Thuny (France), Bernard Prendergast (UK), Isidre Vilacosta (Spain),(More)
Non-thrombotic PE does not represent a distinct clinical syndrome. It may be due to a variety of embolic materials and result in a wide spectrum of clinical presentations, making the diagnosis difficult. With the exception of severe air and fat embolism, the haemodynamic consequences of non-thrombotic emboli are usually mild. Treatment is mostly supportive(More)
ESC Committee for Practice Guidelines (CPG), Silvia G. Priori (Chairperson) (Italy), Maria Angeles Alonso Garcia (Spain), Jean-Jacques Blanc (France), Andrzej Budaj (Poland), Martin R Cowie (UK), Veronica Dean (France), Jaap Deckers (The Netherlands), Enrique Fernandez Burgos (Spain), John Lekakis (Greece), Bertil Lindahl (Sweden), Gianfranco Mazzotta(More)
Task Force members: Michele Brignole, Chairperson* (Italy), Paolo Alboni (Italy), David G. Benditt (USA), Lennart Bergfeldt (Sweden), Jean-Jacques Blanc (France), Poul Erik Bloch Thomsen (Denmark), J. Gert van Dijk (The Netherlands); Adam Fitzpatrick (UK), Stefan Hohnloser (Germany), Jan Janousek (Czech Republic), Wishwa Kapoor (USA), Rose Anne Kenny (UK),(More)