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The functional correlates of compensatory renal hypertrophy were studied by micropuncture techniques in rats after the removal of one kidney. The glomerular filtration rate increased to roughly the same extent in the whole kidney and in individual surface nephrons, resulting in a greater amount of sodium delivered to the tubules for reabsorption. The(More)
The renal response to chronic depletion of extracellular volume was examined using the techniques of micropuncture. Depletion of salt and water was produced by administration of furosemide to rats maintained on a sodium-free diet. There was a marked fall in body weight, plasma volume, and glomerular filtration rate. The intrinsic reabsorptive capacity of(More)
Micropuncture studies were performed in rats infused with LiCl to induce stable plasma lithium concentrations of 2--3 mEq/l, or with an equivalent amount of NaCl. In free flow experiments LiCl reduced proximal tubule fractional reabsorption of sodium and potassium. Reduced reabsorption of bicarbonate, as reflected by a decrease in TF/PCl, was also observed.(More)
BACKGROUND Pregnant women with mild preexisting renal disease have relatively few complications of pregnancy, but the risks of maternal and obstetrical complications in women with moderate or severe renal insufficiency remain uncertain. METHODS We determined the frequency and types of maternal and obstetrical complications and the outcomes of pregnancy in(More)
The age-dependent characteristics of compensatory renal growth were studied in neonatal, weanling and young adult rats. Compensatory growth was demonstrated to be greater in young, sexually immature animals than in adults following unilateral nephrectomy. In the four-week interval following surgery in 21-day-old weanling rats, renal mass increased 240% in(More)
Acute, usually reversible, renal failure has been observed in patients with normal or minimally altered glomeruli on renal biopsy. This review aims to examine the clinical features of acute renal failure in these patients and to evaluate factors that may contribute to the reduction in glomerular filtration rate (GFR). In an analysis of 79 cases affecting 75(More)
The prognostic markers in 87 consecutive patients with lupus nephritis who underwent renal biopsy are reported for five clinically relevant long-term outcomes--renal insufficiency, renal failure, death due to renal systemic lupus erythematosus, death due to non-renal SLE and death due to SLE, both renal and non-renal. We have demonstrated that a number of(More)