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Soft errors are an increasingly serious problem for logic circuits. To estimate the effects of soft errors on such circuits, we develop a general computational framework based on probabilistic transfer matrices (PTMs). In particular, we apply them to evaluate circuit reliability in the presence of soft errors, which involves combining the PTMs of gates to(More)
—Reversible or information-lossless circuits have applications in digital signal processing, communication, computer graphics, and cryptography. They are also a fundamental requirement in the emerging field of quantum computation. We investigate the synthesis of reversible circuits that employ a minimum number of gates and contain no redundant input–output(More)
Stochastic computing (SC) was proposed in the 1960s as a low-cost alternative to conventional binary computing. It is unique in that it represents and processes information in the form of digitized probabilities. SC employs very low-complexity arithmetic units which was a primary design concern in the past. Despite this advantage and also its inherent error(More)
designed at multiple levels of abstraction, including the layout, transistor, gate, registertransfer (RTL), and architecture (behavioral) levels. Designers describe circuits in a hierarchical, top-down fashion, typically using computer-aided design (CAD) tools. To simplify the design process, designers try to model circuits at a fairly abstract level, such(More)
Applications of reversible circuits can be found in the fields of low-power computation, cryptography, communications, digital signal processing, and the emerging field of quantum computation. Furthermore, prototype circuits for low-power applications are already being fabricated in CMOS. Regardless of the eventual technology adopted, testing is sure to be(More)
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Leakage power consumption is an increasingly serious problem in very large-scale integration circuits, especially for portable applications. Two novel approaches to leakage power minimization in static complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor circuits that employ input vector control (IVC) are investigated. The authors model leakage effects by means of(More)
Real-time image-processing applications impose severe design constraints in terms of area and power. Examples of interest include retinal implants for vision restoration and on-the-fly feature extraction. This work addresses the design of image-processing circuits using stochastic computing techniques. We show how stochastic circuits can be integrated at(More)