John P. Hancock

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Ranking tweets is a fundamental task to make it easier to distill the vast amounts of information shared by users. In this paper, we explore the novel idea of ranking tweets on a topic using heterogeneous networks. We construct heterogeneous networks by harnessing cross-genre linkages between tweets and semantically-related web documents from formal genres,(More)
—This paper describes the exploitation of hierarchical data names to achieve information-utility maximizing data collection in social sensing applications. We describe a novel transport abstraction, called the information funnel. It encapsulates a data collection protocol for social sensing that maximizes a measure of delivered information utility, that is(More)
ORTHOGONAL AND SYMMETRIC HAAR WAVELETS ON THE 2010 Spherical signals can be found in a wide range of fields, including astronomy, computer graphics, medical imaging and geoscience. An efficient and accurate representation of spherical signals is therefore essential for many applications. For this reason, we derive a novel wavelet basis called 3D SOHO. It is(More)
This poster describes the <i>information funnel</i>, a data collection protocol for social sensing that maximizes a measure of delivered information utility. We argue that information-centric networking (ICN), where data objects are named instead of hosts, is especially suited for utility-maximizing transport in resource-<i>constrained</i> environments,(More)
—In many deployments of wireless sensor networks (WSNs), the primary goal is to collect and deliver data from many nodes to a data sink. This goal must be met while considering limited resources, such as battery life, in the wireless nodes. In this work, we propose considering the content of generated data to make intelligent data and node selection(More)
The pair of lunar rovers discussed in this report will return video and state data to various ventures, including theme park and marketing concerns, science agencies, and educational institutions. The greatest challenge accepted by the design team was to enable operations throughout the extremely cold and dark lunar night, an unprecedented goal in planetary(More)
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