John P. Hagen

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Some binary lipid mixtures form coexisting liquid phases when spread at the air/water interface. This work describes the pressure-composition phase diagrams of binary mixtures of four unsaturated phosphatidylcholines with dihydrocholesterol. These four binary mixtures have critical compositions of approximately fifty mole percent, and average critical(More)
Waterborne coatings are formulated with a number of different ingredients; water, latex modifiers or thickeners. Rheology modifiers are necessary in order to improve the physical properties of the coating before, during, and after application to a substrate. There are two kinds of rheology modifiers used in waterborne coatings; associative thickeners and(More)
Epifluorescence microscopy has been used previously to study coexisting liquid phases in lipid monolayers of dihydrocholesterol and dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine at the air/water interface. This binary mixture has a critical point at room temperature (22 degrees C), a monolayer pressure of approx. 10 mN/m, and a composition in the vicinity of 20-30 mol%(More)
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