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The Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside (i2b2) is one of the sponsored initiatives of the NIH Roadmap National Centers for Biomedical Computing (http://www.bisti.nih.gov/ncbc/). One of the goals of i2b2 is to provide clinical investigators broadly with the software tools necessary to collect and manage project-related clinical research data(More)
Judging from the excited rhetoric of some of its enthusiasts, health information technology (HIT) has the power to transport us to almost a dream-like world of health care perfection in which the work of doctors and the care of patients proceed with barely imaginable quality and efficiency. For many physicians, however, especially those in solo or small(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the ability to identify potential association(s) of diabetes medications with myocardial infarction using usual care clinical data obtained from the electronic medical record. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We defined a retrospective cohort of patients (n = 34,253) treated with a sulfonylurea, metformin, rosiglitazone, or pioglitazone in a(More)
A survey of graduate programs in Medical Information Science in the United States was conducted in 1989. The survey identified four types of programs which provide opportunities for graduate students to concentrate their education and research in the field. Thirteen programs were identified and described.This paper summarizes the survey results and presents(More)
BACKGROUND On the basis of clinical experience the author of the essay asserts that the medical files of patients with severe mental illness quite often show multiple psychiatric dsm diagnoses. Overdiagnosing in the form of multiple, false positive dsm diagnoses confuses patients (who then, for instance, ask: 'Do I have autism or schizophrenia?'),(More)
Partners Healthcare, and its affiliated hospitals, have a long track record of accomplishments in clinical information systems implementations and research. Seven ideas have shaped the information systems strategies and tactics at Partners; centrality of processes, organizational partnerships, progressive incrementalism, agility, architecture, embedded(More)
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