John P. Ferguson

David G. Roche1
Austin G. Stack1
Mohamed Elsayed1
Cornelius J. Cronin1
1David G. Roche
1Austin G. Stack
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RNA-Seq technology measures the transcript abundance by generating sequence reads and counting their frequencies across different biological conditions. To identify differentially expressed genes between two conditions, it is important to consider the experimental design as well as the distributional property of the data. In many RNA-Seq studies, the(More)
BACKGROUND The extent to which smoking contributes to adverse outcomes among men and women of all ages undergoing dialysis is uncertain. The objective of this study was to determine the differential impact of smoking on risks of mortality and kidney transplantation by age and by sex at dialysis initiation. METHODS We conducted a population-based cohort of(More)
Conservative statistical tests are often used in complex multiple testing settings in which computing the type I error may be difficult. In such tests, the reported p-value for a hypothesis can understate the evidence against the null hypothesis and consequently statistical power may be lost. False Discovery Rate adjustments, used in multiple comparison(More)
We consider an Empirical Bayes method to correct for the Winner's Curse phenomenon in genome-wide association studies. Our method utilizes the collective distribution of all odds ratios (ORs) to determine the appropriate correction for a particular single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP). We can show that this approach is squared error optimal provided that(More)
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