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The Saccharomyces cerevisiae polo-like kinase Cdc5 promotes adaptation to the DNA damage checkpoint, in addition to its numerous roles in mitotic progression. The process of adaptation occurs when cells are presented with persistent or irreparable DNA damage and escape the cell-cycle arrest imposed by the DNA damage checkpoint. However, the precise(More)
The shrinkage of cutaneous surgical specimens of 199 malignant melanomas was analyzed. A formula was derived that makes it possible to calculate the in vivo (preexcision) specimen diameter from the in vitro (fixed-tissue) specimen diameter. The age of the patient was found to significantly influence specimen shrinkage and was incorporated into this(More)
BACKGROUND Recently our group reported on the shrinkage of 199 malignant melanoma surgical-excision specimens. In that report, a multivariate analysis revealed that the age of the patient was the only factor that significantly affected the percentage shrinkage of a surgical specimen. In addition, a formula was presented that extrapolates the actual surgical(More)
We used near-edge x-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS) spectroscopy to link the orientational bond order at three carbonaceous surfaces-rubbed polyimide, ion beam-irradiated polyimide, and ion beam-irradiated diamondlike carbon films-with the direction of liquid crystal (LC) alignment on these surfaces. We show that, in general, LC alignment can be(More)
A 300-mm wafer-level three-dimensional integration (3DI) process using tungsten (W) through-silicon vias (TSVs) and hybrid Cu/adhesive wafer bonding is demonstrated. The W TSVs have fine pitch (5 μm), small critical dimension (1.5 μm), and high aspect ratio (17:1). A hybrid Cu/adhesive bonding approach, also called transfer-join (TJ) method, is used to(More)
Estimation of optical shadowing effects that occur on in situ submerged radiance and irradiance measurements conducted in the proximity of a large and complex three-dimensional deployment structure is addressed by use of Monte Carlo simulations. We have applied backward Monte Carlo techniques and variance reduction schemes in three-dimensional radiative(More)
Levels of G1 cyclins fluctuate in response to environmental cues and couple mitotic signaling to cell cycle entry. The G1 cyclin Cln3 is a key regulator of cell size and cell cycle entry in budding yeast. Cln3 degradation is essential for proper cell cycle control; however, the mechanisms that control Cln3 degradation are largely unknown. Here we show that(More)
The technique used to align liquid crystals-rubbing the surface of a substrate on which a liquid crystal is subsequently deposited-has been perfected by the multibillion-dollar liquid-crystal display industry. However, it is widely recognized that a non-contact alignment technique would be highly desirable for future generations of large, high-resolution(More)
In this demo, we will demonstrate usage of NLM Video Search, open-source software which facilitates the dissemination of video content by combining traditional web video playback controls with on-demand seeking using text selected from a corresponding transcript (see Figure 1). NLM Video Search has been implemented in NLM's Fedora-based digital repository,(More)