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A preliminary test of a relational goal pursuit theory of obsessive relational intrusion and stalking
Abstract This study investigated whether relational goal pursuit theory (RGP) predicts post-breakup persistent unwanted pursuit of the partner. RGP posits that lower-order goals of seeking intimacyExpand
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Expressive Writing to Cope with Hate Speech: Assessing Psychobiological Stress Recovery and Forgiveness Promotion for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Queer Victims of Hate Speech
This study examined whether expressive writing could help lesbian, gay, bisexual, or queer (LGBQ) hate speech victims increase forgiveness for offenders, and accelerate cortisol recovery following aExpand
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Attributes of Highly Contemptuous People
The present study examines the relationship between levels of trait contempt expression and several individual- and social-level characteristics. Participants (N = 216) completed questionnaires thatExpand
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Marshaling Network Support for: Romantic Relationships Towards the Development of a Typology
Substantial personal relationship research has examined how network support affects romantic development and ignored the process by which romantic partners actively seek and attempt to enhanceExpand
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Replication of the Mere Presence Hypothesis: The Effects of Cell Phones on Face-to-Face Conversations
Research on the mere presence hypothesis shows mixed findings for the effects of cell phone presence on various conversation outcomes. The current study performed a partial replication of PrzybylskiExpand
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The “Mere Presence” Hypothesis: Investigating the Nonverbal Effects of Cell-Phone Presence on Conversation Satisfaction
Prior research has supported the mere presence hypothesis, which suggests that cell phones act as an environmental nuisance that negatively impact the quality of face-to-face interactions. This studyExpand
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Conditions and Consequences of Listening Well for Interpersonal Relationships: Modeling Active-Empathic Listening, Social-Emotional Skills, Trait Mindfulness, and Relational Quality
In an attempt to better understand the nature and effects of listening well in relationships, participants (N = 137) in romantic relationships completed assessments of active-empathic listeningExpand
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Support marshaling for romantic relationships: Empirical validation of a support marshaling typology
Research has demonstrated that network support for a romantic relationship often plays a crucial role in the relationship's success. Despite this knowledge, it is not uncommon for romantic couples toExpand
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Gender Differences in Perceived Happiness and Well-Being of Individuals Who Engage in Contemptuous Communication
The present study investigated whether the relationship between contempt and mental health outcomes differed by gender. Participants (N = 214) completed measures of happiness, general well-being, andExpand
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