John P. Chin

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This study is a part of a research effort to develop the Questionnaire for User Interface Satisfaction (QUIS). Participants, 150 PC user group members, rated familiar software products. Two pairs of software categories were compared: 1) software that was liked and disliked, and 2) a standard command line system (CLS) and a menu driven application (MDA). The(More)
BACKGROUND Measurement of cardiac norepinephrine spillover may indicate the amount of transmitter at neuroeffector sites but does not distinguish neuronal release or reuptake in determining this amount or provide information about other aspects of sympathetic function. This report examines how cardiac spillover of the norepinephrine metabolite(More)
The effects of dietary supplementation with marine oils on vascular reactivity in human forearm resistance arteries were studied. Healthy male adults (six to nine subjects per group) were given either maxEPA capsules (content: eicosapentaenoic acid, 0.178 g/g; docosahexaenoic acid, 0.116 g/g) at doses of 20, 10, or 5 g/day or placebo capsules at 20 g/day(More)
1. Sympatho-adrenal activity was measured after the consumption of a 3.15 MJ mixed meal. Whole-body noradrenaline spillover rates, forearm plasma noradrenaline spillover and adrenaline secretion rates were derived using isotope dilution methodology. Heart rate and blood pressure spectral analysis measurements were also made. The relation of sympathoadrenal(More)
The present study assesses user perceptions of current voice mail systems and identifies desirable traits that should be incorporated in future agent-based products. Both novices and experts ascribed similar personality traits to voice mail user interfaces: practical, intelligent, courteous, efficient, straight-forward, sophisticated, methodical,(More)
1. Endothelial dysfunction, evidenced as an impaired response to acetylcholine, is well documented in hypercholesterolaemic subjects. We examined the ability of dietary supplementation with fish oils to restore endothelial function in forearm resistance vessels in these patients and compared this with restoration by lipid-lowering therapy. 2. Responses of(More)
1. This is a review on the mechanisms by which fish oils affect vascular function and how such changes contribute to their documented cardioprotective effects. 2. Evidence that fish oils depress vascular responses to contractile agents will be examined. It is concluded that this effect of fish oils is mediated predominantly by alterations in prostanoid(More)
Human sympathetic nervous responses have been extensively studied using various stressors; however, there have been few comparisons of the patterns of sympathetic nervous activation which may be produced by different stressors. The purpose of this study was to explore whether different stressors produce differing degrees of sympathetic activation in muscle(More)
OBJECTIVE Dietary supplementation with marine oils attenuates the responses to noradrenaline and angiotensin II in human forearm resistance arteries. The mechanisms underlying these effects were the subject of the present study. METHODS Twenty-two normal male adults were allocated to one of three groups. The first group (n = 11) received 10 g/day marine(More)