John P. Allegrante

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Many interventions to improve the success of information technology (IT) implementations are grounded in behavioral science, using theories, and models to identify conditions and determinants of successful use. However, each model in the IT literature has evolved to address specific theoretical problems of particular disciplinary concerns, and each model(More)
Chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease that cause pain, functional impairment, social and emotional dysfunction, and premature loss of wage earnings constitute a challenging problem for American society. In the absence of any effective cure for these frequently progressive conditions, the secondary prevention of complications, which(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of a program of supervised fitness walking and patient education on functional status, pain, and use of medication in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. DESIGN An 8-week randomized, controlled trial. SETTING Inpatient and outpatient services of an orthopedic hospital in an academic medical center. PATIENTS A total(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether gains in functioning observed immediately following participation in an 8-week program of supervised fitness walking for patients with knee osteoarthritis were sustained at 1-year followup. METHODS Twenty-nine (61.1%) of 47 original intervention program patients and 23 (51.1%) of 45 original control patients were interviewed(More)
This study tested a structural equation model to estimate the relationship between health behaviors, body mass index (BMI), and self-esteem and the academic achievement of adolescents. The authors analyzed survey data from the 2000 study of Youth in Iceland , a population-based, cross-sectional sample of 6,346 adolescents in Iceland. The model demonstrated(More)
Research that seeks to compare and contrast theories of behavior change and assess the utility of a particular theoretical model for changing two or more health-related behaviors is critical to advancing health behavior research. Theory-comparison can help us learn more about the processes by which people change and maintain health behaviors than does study(More)
Interest in the relationship between health behaviours and academic achievement has recently intensified in the face of an epidemic of childhood and adolescent obesity and converging school reforms in the United States and other nations with advanced economies. Epidemiologic research has demonstrated that poor diet and lack of adequate physical activity(More)
Disability and poor quality of life attributable to chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease constitute challenging public health problems for American society. In the absence of any effective cure for these conditions, the secondary prevention of complications and improving quality of life and functional capacity through better(More)
BACKGROUND Poor medication adherence is a significant problem in hypertensive African Americans. Although motivational interviewing (MINT) is effective for adoption and maintenance of health behaviors in patients with chronic diseases, its effect on medication adherence remains untested in this population. METHODS This randomized controlled trial tested(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of patients' perceptions of providers' communication on medication adherence in hypertensive African Americans. METHODS Cross-sectional study of 439 patients with poorly controlled hypertension followed in community-based healthcare practices in the New York metropolitan area. Patients' rating of their providers'(More)