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The development of effective training programs for persons with profound mental retardation remains one of the greatest challenges for behavior analysts working in the field of developmental disabilities. One significant advancement for this population has been the reinforcer assessment procedure developed by Pace, Ivancic, Edwards, Iwata, and Page (1985),(More)
Modern technology allows the designers of today's processors to incorporate enormous computation resources into their latest chips. The challenge for these architects is to translate the increase in capability to an increase in performance. The last decade of graphics processor development shows that GPU designers have succeeded spectacularly at this task.(More)
Current use of inheritance has illustrated that the introduction of conceptual inconsistencies is possible in a class hierarchy. This paper discusses the reasons why complete method redefinition infringes the essence of inheritance. A redefinition metric set is proposed and practical experiments demonstrate that the results obtained permit the detection of(More)
The members of the technical committee selected to monitor this project and to review this document were chosen for their special competencies and with regard for appropriate balance. The opinions and conclusions expressed or implied in this document are those of the researchers who performed the research. They are not necessarily those of the second(More)
BACKGROUND Health policies internationally advocate 'support for self-management', but it is not clear how the promise of the concept can be fulfilled. OBJECTIVE To synthesize research into professional practitioners' perspectives, practices and experiences to help inform a reconceptualization of support for self-management. DESIGN Critical interpretive(More)