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BACKGROUND The Housing First Model (HFM) is an approach to serving formerly homeless individuals with dually diagnosed mental health and substance use disorders regardless of their choice to use substances or engage in other risky behaviors. The model has been widely diffused across the United States since 2000 as a result of positive findings related to(More)
(2013). "Minority stress theory: An examination of factors surrounding sexual risk behavior among gay and bisexual men who use club drugs. Introduction Gay and bisexual men have a greater likelihood than the general population (Cochran, Mays & Sullivan, 2003) for risk taking behaviors that include poly-substance use (Kashubeck-specifically evidence an(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies have examined the impact of minority stress theory upon sexual risk behavior among gay and bisexual men using club drugs. Similar studies have focused on ethnic minorities and women, however gay and bisexual men demonstrate greater likelihood for risk behaviors leading to HIV/AIDS. OBJECTIVE This study examined sexual risk behavior(More)
Date rape risk communication is a key component of education-based Date Rape Prevention Programs, common across colleges. In such programs, risk assessment in date rape is approached cautiously in order to avoid a tone of "victim blaming." Since it is important in the assessment of any risk to understand the surrounding social context of the risky situation(More)
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