John Orth

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—We present a novel method for the creation of photographic mosaic images using fractals generated via evolutionary techniques. A photomosaic is a rendering of an image performed by placing a grid of smaller images that permit the original image to be visible when viewed from a distance. The problem of selecting the smaller images is a computationally(More)
DNA error correcting codes over the edit metric consist of embeddable markers for sequencing projects that are tolerant of sequencing errors. When a genetic library has multiple sources for its sequences, use of embedded markers permit tracking of sequence origin. This study compares different methods for synthesizing DNA error correcting codes. A new(More)
(" UNC " or " University ") is the nation's oldest public university. 2 As a flagship public institution, generously supported by North Carolina's General Assembly, it embraces a mission far broader than providing rigorous education to individual students. UNC must assess the multiple challenges facing the State and region—economic, social, legal, medical,(More)
An article in a recent issue of the North Dakota Law Review recommends the traditional version of tenancy by the entirety for married couples, common law marriages, and same-sex partners, and defends the tenancy against critics who advocate that it should be " abolished, altered, or limited. " 1 The author, Damaris Rosich-Schwartz, reviews the(More)
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