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—We present a novel method for the creation of photographic mosaic images using fractals generated via evolutionary techniques. A photomosaic is a rendering of an image performed by placing a grid of smaller images that permit the original image to be visible when viewed from a distance. The problem of selecting the smaller images is a computationally(More)
DNA error correcting codes over the edit metric can be used to correct sequencing errors. The codewords may be used as embeddable markers that allow one to track the origin of sequence data. The Salmon Algorithm is a search meta-heuristic inspired by the behaviour of salmon swimming upstream to spawn. This algorithm consists of a number of parameters, which(More)
DNA error correcting codes over the edit metric consist of embeddable markers for sequencing projects that are tolerant of sequencing errors. When a genetic library has multiple sources for its sequences, use of embedded markers permit tracking of sequence origin. This study compares different methods for synthesizing DNA error correcting codes. A new(More)
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