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HIF is a transcriptional complex that plays a central role in mammalian oxygen homeostasis. Recent studies have defined posttranslational modification by prolyl hydroxylation as a key regulatory event that targets HIF-alpha subunits for proteasomal destruction via the von Hippel-Lindau ubiquitylation complex. Here, we define a conserved HIF-VHL-prolyl(More)
Legged robots have made significant strides in facing challenging tasks including navigating rough terrain with the help of energy conserving techniques. This paper describes the detailed design considerations and realization of Sabertooth, a high mobility biomimetic quadrupedal robot. Each leg of Sabertooth has three active degrees of freedom with the(More)
The optimisation of Technical Trading parameters is a computationally intensive exercise. Models comprising a modest number of Technical Indicators require many thousands of simulations to be executed over a sample period of data, with the best performing sets of parameters employed to generate future trading signals. The purpose of this research is to(More)
Myosins are a multimember family of motor proteins with diverse functions in eukaryotic cells. African trypanosomes possess only two candidate myosins and thus represent a useful system for functional analysis of these motors. One of these candidates is an unusual class I myosin (TbMyo1) that is expressed at similar levels but organized differently during(More)
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