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The nucleobase-cation-symport-1 (NCS1) transporters are essential components of salvage pathways for nucleobases and related metabolites. Here, we report the 2.85-angstrom resolution structure of the NCS1 benzyl-hydantoin transporter, Mhp1, from Microbacterium liquefaciens. Mhp1 contains 12 transmembrane helices, 10 of which are arranged in two inverted(More)
—A new nonlinear disturbance observer (NDO) for robotic manipulators is derived in this paper. The global exponential stability of the proposed disturbance observer (DO) is guaranteed by selecting design parameters, which depend on the maximum velocity and physical parameters of robotic manipulators. This new observer overcomes the disadvantages of existing(More)
A genomic strategy for the overexpression of bacterial multidrug and antibiotic resistance membrane efflux proteins in Escherichia coli is described. Expression is amplified so that the encoded proteins from a range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria comprise 5% to 35% of E. coli inner membrane protein. Depending upon their topology, proteins are(More)
This paper analyses three quantifiable benefits of Optical Cross Connect (OXC) architectures and how these are affected by network topology and traffic characteristics. The cost-saving benefits of shared protection, the revenue increasing potential of dynamic provisioning, and the efficiency gains of network reconfiguration are analysed. All three of these(More)
Continental margin systems are important contributors to global nutrient and carbon budgets. Effort is needed to quantify this contribution and how it will be modified under changing patterns of climate and land use. Coupled models will be used to provide projections of future states of continental margin systems. Thus, it is appropriate to consider the(More)