John O’Loughlin

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The performance of Cloud systems is a key concern, but has typically been assessed by the comparison of relatively few Cloud systems, and often on the basis of just one or two features of performance. In this paper, we discuss the evaluation of four different Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud systems – from Amazon, Rackspace, and IBM – alongside a(More)
It is widely believed that democracy requires an active citizenry, independent and autonomous from the state. In the countries emerging from the former Soviet Union, research has not documented widespread civic engagement, and a lack of empirical data has hampered detailed investigations of civic engagement in the region. In our own study, longitudinal data(More)
he papers in this special issue of Eurasian Geography and Economics are designed to illustrate key aspects of the Caucasus region 15 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. For a region that is so complex in both physiographic and human aspects, we had to be quite selective in our choice of subjects. As a result, we present an overview as well as(More)
German metropolitan areas have been diverging in terms of local human capital concentration between 1975 and 2003, and this has strong implications for urban employment growth. Conventional estimates show that the share of college graduates affects growth by the same magnitude as it does in American MSAs. The effect is robust to various controls across two(More)
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