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The growing importance of Web traffic on the Internet makes it important that we have accurate traffic models in order to plan and provision. In this paper we present a Web traffic model designed to assist in the evaluation and engineering of shared communications networks. Because the model is behavioral we can extrapolate the model to assess the effect of(More)
A revolution is occurring in the scope and range of information, communication and education services that will be made available to schools, libraries, town-halls, clinics and, most importantly, residences. These services will be provided initially, primarily over hybrid fiber-cable systems, either by telephone companies or cable companies. The old cable(More)
Cable plants were initially designed for one-way broadcast of analog television signals (from the head-end to the neighborhood). They are now being upgraded to provide an upstream path (from the home to the head-end). New challenges arise in using the upstream channel since the available bandwidth is low and the noise levels are high. Diierent variations of(More)
he ability to communicate with anyone on the planet from anywhere on the planet has been mankind's dream for a long time. Wireless is the only medium that can enable such untethered communication. With the recent advances in VLSI and wireless technologies, it is now possible to build high-speed wireless systems that are cheap as well as easy to install and(More)