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Nutrient balances are useful indicators to assess the sustainability of farming systems. This study study investigates inflow and outflow of major nutrients in urban and periurban production systems in Kano, Nigeria. To this end, 16 households representing three different urban and peri-urban (UPA) farming systems were studied using the MONQI toolbox(More)
BACKGROUND Quantitative data about phytoavailability and transfer into consumed plant parts for heavy metals in intensively managed urban vegetable production areas of sub-Saharan Africa are scarce. We therefore studied the transfer of zinc (Zn) and cadmium (Cd) from soil to the root and subsequent translocation to edible portions of four vegetables in six(More)
Metal fractionation provides information on mobility and stability of various metal species which can be used to evaluate the movement of such metals in soils. The effect of wastewater irrigation on the fractions, spatial distribution, and mobility of cadmium (Cd) and zinc (Zn) was investigated in five urban gardens in Kano, Nigeria. Concentration of total(More)
The technique of diffusion gradient in thin films (DGT) for assessing bioavailable metals has not been tested under field conditions. We assessed the relationships of DGT- and cation exchange resin-membrane-measured concentrations of Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn with plant uptake of the metals under greenhouse and field conditions. In the greenhouse, the effective(More)
Concern about heavy metal accumulation in agricultural soils under long-term application of phosphate fertilizers and organic wastes makes investigation of heavy metals in agricultural soils imperative. This study examines the total, available and chemical forms of lead (Pb) in a savanna soil after 50 years of continuous cultivation and application of NPK(More)
A recent study in the savanna suggested that the surface soils might be contaminated with Ti, V, U and Th because of increasing phosphate fertilizer applications. In this study, we determined the dynamics of Ga, V, U, Nb, Y, La, Ce and Nd in a savanna soil that has received NPK fertilizers, farmyard manure (FYM) and FYM + NPK for 50 years using an adjacent(More)
Growing concern about heavy metal contamination of agricultural lands under long-term application of inorganic fertilizers and organic wastes makes periodic risk assessment of heavy metal accumulation in arable lands imperative. As a part of a much larger study to systematically document the status of heavy metals in savanna soils this study investigated(More)
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