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Snow cover plays a major role in the climate, hydrological and ecological systems of the Arctic and other regions through its influence on the surface energy balance (e.g. reflectivity), water balance (e.g. water storage and release), thermal regimes (e.g. insulation), vegetation and trace gas fluxes. Feedbacks to the climate system have global(More)
Nick Rutter, Richard Essery, John Pomeroy, Nuria Altimir, Kostas Andreadis, Ian Baker, Alan Barr, Paul Bartlett, Aaron Boone, Huiping Deng, Hervé Douville, Emanuel Dutra, Kelly Elder, Chad Ellis, Xia Feng, Alexander Gelfan, Angus Goodbody, Yeugeniy Gusev, David Gustafsson, Rob Hellström, Yukiko Hirabayashi, Tomoyoshi Hirota, Tobias Jonas, Victor Koren, Anna(More)
The increased prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), with associated societal and clinical impacts, calls for a broad community-based dialogue on treatment related ethical and social issues. The Stony Brook Guidelines, based on a community dialogue process with affected individuals, families and professionals, identify and discuss the following(More)
Contributing authors: Roger G. Barry, Sylvie Blangy, Raymond S. Bradley, Olga N. Bulygina, Torben R. Christensen, Jonathan Colman, Richard L.H. Essery, Bruce C. Forbes, Mads C. Forchhammer, Dimitry M. Frolov, Vladimir N. Golubev, Thomas C. Grenfell, Richard E. Honrath, Glenn P. Juday, Rae Melloh, Anna V. Meshcherskaya, Marina N. Petrushina, Gareth K.(More)
As the title indicates, this book deals with the general principles underlying the law of torts and does not take up at all what the author calls the "named torts" except in an appendix, added to give completeness to the work. In this appendix there is a brief treatment of negligence, nuisance, fraud, assault and battery, false imprisonment, malicious(More)
The increased recognition and reported prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) combined with the associated societal and clinical impact call for a broad grassroots community-based dialogue on treatment related ethical and social issues. In these Stony Brook Guidelines, which were developed during a full year of community dialogue (2010-2011) with(More)
This paper is a critical review in three parts. The first part reviews the past development of medical education in Chile in five stages (1833-1883, 1883-1933, 1933-1968, 1968-1973, and from 1973 to the present), in which the salient features and events are cited. The second part describes the present status of the five medical education programs;(More)
Canadians and their industries use enormous quantities of water, among the largest in the world in per capita terms and more than double the European average. Groundwater is a key component of this overall consumption. Nearly 30 per cent of Canada’s population (almost 10 million Canadians) depends on groundwater to supply drinking water, and more than 80(More)
Michele L. Reba,* Danny Marks, Timothy E. Link, John Pomeroy and Adam Winstral 1 Agricultural Research Service, National Sedimentation Laboratory, Jonesboro, AR, USA 2 Agricultural Research Service, Northwest Watershed Research Centre, Boise, ID, USA 3 University of Idaho, College of Natural Resources, Moscow, ID, USA 4 Centre for Hydrology, University of(More)