John Norris Maguire

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Rod Electroretinograms Elicited by Silent Substitution Stimuli from the Light-Adapted Human Eye John Maguire, Neil R. A. Parry, Jan Kremers, Deepika Kommanapalli, Ian J. Murray, and Declan J. McKeefry 1 Bradford School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Bradford University, UK 2 Vision Science Centre, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Central Manchester(More)
While Agile software development has many advocates, acceptance in the government and defense sectors has been limited. To address questions of meanings to the term “Agile,” we examine a range of Agile methods practiced and develop a framework of seven characteristics, which we call the Agile Genome. We gain insight into the dynamics of how Agile(More)
With the proliferation of cloud computing, organizations have been able to get access to never seen before computing power and resources. Cloud computing has revolutionized the utilization of computing resources through automatic provisioning and release, fostered greater collaboration among the stakeholders in the organization and improved the overall(More)
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has been one of the most popular business management systems, providing benefits of real-time capabilities and seamless communication for business in large organizations. However, not all ERP implementations have been successful. Since ERP implementation affects entire organizations such as process, people, and(More)
To the chagrin of well intentioned Army leaders, dozens of soldiers are killed each year as a result of combat vehicle accidents. The objective of this study is to look beyond the events and symptoms of accidents which normally indicate human error, and instead study the upper-level organizational processes and problems that constitute the actual root(More)
Software AG of North America acquired and marketed the Adabas database management system (DBMS) for IBM mainframe computers primarily in the US. In this article, the company's founder John Norris Maguire outlines marketing, sales, and pricing issues with Adabas and places its technical and business history within the context of Software AG's competitors,(More)
Electroretinograms (ERGs) elicited by transient, square-wave L- and M-cone isolating stimuli were recorded from human trichromatic (n=19) and dichromatic (n=4) observers. The stimuli were generated on a four primary LED stimulator and were equated in terms of cone modulation (cone contrast=0.11) and retinal illuminance (12,000 trolands). L- and M-cone(More)
We studied the spatial arrangement of L- and M-cone driven electroretinograms (ERGs) reflecting the activity of magno- and parvocellular pathways. L- and M-cone isolating sine wave stimuli were created with a four primary LED stimulator using triple silent substitution paradigms. Temporal frequencies were 8 and 12 Hz, to reflect cone opponent activity, and(More)
In March 1965, the Lockheed Missiles & Space Company's Computation Center installed a UNIVAC 1107 with two FH880 drums and three UNIVAC 1004 print, card punch and read systems, two of which are remote. This configuration is illustrated in Fig. 1. The Central Processing Unit was scheduled to be upgraded to an 1108 in October 1965. The UNIVAC EXEC II(More)
This thesis evaluates the likelihood of EPCglobal becoming the universal RFID standard by presenting a framework of ten factors used to analyze and determine if EPCglobal is moving in the right direction. The ten factors are: complexity of application (Supply Chain Management), mandates, privacy policy, member type, EPCglobal standard development process,(More)