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Idiopathic detrusor instability is a common cause of lower urinary tract symptoms at all ages and in both sexes. Treatment initially is conservative and often includes drug therapy. Terodiline has the theoretical advantage of being a drug with anticholinergic and calcium channel blocking effects. Theoretically, by using a drug with dual action the(More)
A method is described for the isolation of kidney glomeruli using centrifugation in a discontinuous Ficoll gradient. The method, applied to rats, rabbits, pigs and man, yields a glomerular fraction of high purity with a tubular contamination of normally less than 2%. From observations by light microscopy on epoxy resin-embedded fractions, one-third to(More)
The present electron microscopic autoradiographic study includes a quantitative analysis of osteoclasts in vitro using tritiated leucin as a protein tracer. A significant increase in the grain density over the ruffled border and the underlying resportion zone was demonstrated two hours post pulse whereas the grain density of the remaining cytoplasm was(More)
The present electron microscopic histochemical study demonstrates that osteoclasts from calcitonin treated bone are able to take up organic macromolecules even though the ruffled border has disapppeared. The absorption occurs around the entire periphery of the osteoclast, but the amount of absorbed peroxidase seems to be reduced in comparison with that of(More)
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