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Sharing song types with immediate neighbors is widespread in birds with song repertoires, and sharing songs may confer a selective advantage in some cases. Levels of song sharing vary between di€erent geographical populations of several bird species, and ecological di€erences often correlate with di€erences in singing behavior; in particular, males in(More)
Attached is information you may find useful in understanding growth trends in this recreational activity. This information follows the format initiated by Paul Nordell, MN DNR – Parks and Trails Project Coordinator to ensure consistent comparison since the start of the registrations in 1984. ATVs are currently registered for Class 1 and 2 ATVs. This is a(More)
Parallels are often drawn between bird song learning and human language learning. The analogies include an early sensitive period for learning, separation of sensory and motor phases of learning, 'innate knowledge' of language or song, and specialized neural systems. Nevertheless, in distinction to human language learning, song learning is usually viewed as(More)
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