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In the Android operating system, each application consists of a set of components that communicate with each other via messages called Intents. The current implementation of Intent handling is such that developers can inadvertently write insecure code that allows malicious applications to intercept or inject Intents to steal sensitive information or induce(More)
Carfentanil is an ultra-potent synthetic opioid. No human carfentanil metabolism data are available. Reportedly, Russian police forces used carfentanil and remifentanil to resolve a hostage situation in Moscow in 2002. This alleged use prompted interest in the pharmacology and toxicology of carfentanil in humans. Our study was conducted to identify human(More)
Photoelectron spectra of (HF)(3)(-) reveal coexistence of two anionic isomers with vertical electron detachment energies (VDE) of 0.24 and 0.43 eV. The results of electronic-structure calculations, performed at the coupled cluster level of theory with single, double, and noniterative triple excitations, suggest that the two isomers observed experimentally(More)
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