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STUDY OBJECTIVES We used a sequence-learning task to assess whether: 1. The time interval between awakening and training equally affects the rate of acquisition of sequence order, a declarative component, and the kinematic optimization process, an implicit component; 2. Sleep enhances the retention of both these aspects of sequence learning. DESIGN For(More)
Syringing of the ear is one of the commonest procedures performed for cleaning cerumen from the external auditory canal. Common complications following syringing are pain, external auditory canal trauma and otitis externa. Hearing and vestibular loss are often mentioned as a complication in descriptions of this technique, but we have not been able to find a(More)
  • J Nia, M Bance
  • Otology & neurotology : official publication of…
  • 2001
HYPOTHESIS Unilateral conductive hearing loss (HL) causes measurable disability in realistic hearing environments. The benefits of improving this loss depend both on the absolute level of final hearing and on hearing asymmetry. BACKGROUND Surgical success is often measured by the degree of change in the air-bone gap or in the air thresholds. The Glasgow(More)
interchanges involving the B-type chromosome in maize. Genetics 32: 391-409. 1947. 8. TEAS, H. J. A morphological basis for higher niacin in sugary maize. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., U. S. 38: 817-822. 1952. 9. TEAS, H. J., CAMERON, J. W., and NEWTON, A. C. Tryptophan, niacin, indoleacetic acid, and carbohydrates in developing sugary and starchy maize kernels.(More)
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