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Motion analysis is central to many applications where time-varying image data are involved , such as robotics and multimedia systems. This thesis describes a new motion analysis framework using multiresolution aane models. Traditional approaches using local translational models lack suucient exibility to derive robust and concise descriptions of motion,(More)
Manchester Civil Justice Centre is a striking contemporary 14 storey court building which has won awards for many different aspects of its design, construction and sustainability. From November 2002 to July 2005, the author was a key member of Denton Corker Marshall's London project team having responsibility for key areas of design development, integration(More)
Reliability is of prime importance in computer-based safety critical systems where failure can lead to fatal consequences. Fault tolerant techniques in software have a vital role to play, because veriication and validation techniques cannot guarantee that software is error free. Fault tolerance further improves the reliability of the system by ensuring it(More)
There is a disconnection between commercial architecture and environmental thinking, where green features can be included as part of a strategy for gaining approvals and marketing projects, but those features are not reviewed after completion and occupation of the building and knowledge is not shared. High levels of air conditioning are still considered(More)
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