John N West

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AIMS Chronic heart failure is associated with maladaptive and prolonged neurohormonal and pro-inflammatory cytokine activation causing a metabolic shift favouring catabolism, vasodilator incapacity, and loss of skeletal muscle bulk and function. In men, androgens are important determinants of anabolic function and physical strength and also possess(More)
A panel of two physicians and two ophthalmologists examined 25 patients with untreated essential hypertension by direct ophthalmoscopy and assessment of fundal photographs; daytime ambulatory sphygmomanometric blood pressure monitoring, estimation of left ventricular mass by electrocardiography and two-dimensional echocardiography, and measurement of(More)
  • Yasir Parviz, William Parker, Peter Brown, John N West
  • 2014
Bicuspid aortic valve configuration and aortopathy pattern might represent different pathophysiologic sub-strates. A, Byers PH et al. The bicuspid aortic valve: an integrated phenotypic classification of leaflet morphology and aortic root shape. Association of Bicuspid aortic valve morphology and aortic root dimensions: a sub-study of the aortic stenosis(More)
A validation study of the Takeda TM-2420 ambulatory blood pressure recorder was performed on 10 subjects using the Oxford ambulatory intra-arterial recording apparatus during unrestricted activity. Electronic linkage of the two recorders ensured simultaneous blood pressure readings, taken from opposite arms. Although there was close approximation of(More)
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