John N Thomas

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A total of 896 individuals of Ashkenazi Jewish descent were ascertained in Israel from 267 multiplex families, including 472 sib-pairs affected with type 2 diabetes. A genome-wide scan with average marker spacing of 9.5 cM revealed five regions on four chromosomes (4q, 8q, 14q, and 20q) that exhibited nominal evidence for linkage (P < 0.05). The highest(More)
Vitamin E (D,L-alpha-tocopherol) was administered to Paramecium tetraurelia in doses of 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000mg/l throughout its clonal lifespan. ANOVA revealed significant differences in clonal lifespan between groups, whether lifespan was measured in total fissions, or in days (P<0.05). When mean clonal lifespan was measured in fissions the greatest(More)
Three patients with acute spreading osteomyelitis of the skull complicating a frontal sinusitis are presented. The pathology and clinical features of this complication are discussed. Early rigorous antibiotic treatment accompanied by surgical intervention to drain purulent collections in the sinuses and scalp has been effective in controlling the disease.(More)
Male, Wistar rats (50-74 g) were given a semi-purified diet containing cholesterol (10 g/kg diet) for 4 weeks, groups of control and experimental animals killed, and the remainder of the cholesterol-fed animals given either a semi-purified cholesterol-free diet without a fibre source or a similar diet with pectin (50 g/kg diet) for 8 weeks. Animals were(More)
Despite postmortem and clinical studies, the etiological factors that determine why only a proportion of intubated neonates develop subglottic stenosis remain unclear. This prospective study was initiated to identify factors that were associated with laryngeal abnormalities secondary to intubation. Thirty neonates were examined at extubation by two(More)
Accurate documentation of the operative findings of tympanomastoid procedures is essential for effective patient management and to satisfy the growing demands of clinical audit. Due to the three-dimensional complexity of the middle ear, it is difficult to represent graphically. Consequently, most surgeons only describe subjectively their operative,(More)