John N. Holmes

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Formant frequencies have rarely been used as acoustic features for speech recognition, in spite of their phonetic significance. For some speech sounds one or more of the formants may be so badly defined that it is not useful to attempt a frequency measurement. Also, it is often difficult to decide which formant labels to attach to particular spectral peaks.(More)
Computer-based games and interactive simulators have matured to the point where they can have a significant impact on healthcare behavior decisions. Initial results from using one such game (Heart Sense) indicate that it can improve recognition of heart attack symptoms and shift behavioral issues so as to reduce pre-hospitalization delay in seeking(More)
The ontogeny of serum IgG, IgA, IgM and IgD in 312 members of a southern United States population was studied. Circulating IgD was found in all adolescents and in 97% of the adults tested. IgD levels increased until adult life. Females had statistically significantly higher levels of Igtd than did the males of their respective age groups. The children(More)