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John Hawthorne's recent monograph Knowledge and Lotteries 1 is centred on the following puzzle: Suppose you claim to know that you will not be able to afford to summer in the Hamptons next year. Aware of your modest means, we believe you. But suppose you also claim to know that a ticket you recently purchased in a multi-million dollar lottery is a loser.(More)
Acute diabetes with ketosis was induced in rats by intraperitoneal streptozotocin and also a milder form of diabetes without ketosis by injecting less of the drug. The acutely diabetic rats were killed 72h after injection and the others after either 2 or 13 weeks. Free and lipid myo-inositol was then measured in various tissues and body fluids by g.l.c. of(More)
Sciatic nerves removed post-mort`em from diabetic patients and normal subjects were analysed by gas chromatography for glucose, fructose, sorbitol and myo-inositol. The concentrations of free and lipid inositol were significantly lower in nerves from the diabetic than from the control group. Concentrations of glucose, fructose and sorbitol were higher in(More)
Motor nerve conduction velocity was lower in streptozotocin-diabetic rats than in controls. Treatment with the aldose reductase inhibitor Sorbinil restored conduction velocity to normal. Diabetic rats had an increased concentration of sorbitol and reduced free inositol in sciatic nerve. Sorbinil corrected both defects. Inositol administration to diabetic(More)
An active transport system maintains myo-inositol in the brain at a much higher concentration than in the blood. Free and total lipid inositol has been analysed in samples of normal human anterior temporal cortex of different ages. At age 20 the concentration of inositol was 60 mumols/g protein, and it fell steadily to half that concentration at age 90.(More)
I argue that we can reconcile two seemingly incompatible traditions for thinking about concepts. On the one hand, many cognitive scientists assume that the systematic redeployment of representational abilities suffices for having concepts. On the other hand, a long philosophical tradition maintains that language is necessary for genuinely conceptual(More)
Seth Yalcin has pointed out some puzzling facts about the behaviour of epistemic modals in certain embedded contexts. For example, conditionals that begin 'If it is raining and it might not be raining, …' sound unacceptable, unlike conditionals that begin 'If it is raining and I don't know it, …'. These facts pose a prima facie problem for an orthodox(More)