John N. Haddad

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Viral infection has often been suggested as a possible cause of Sjögren's syndrome or chronic lymphocytic sialadenitis, and Epstein-Barr virus has been found in the salivary glands of patients with this condition. After we had noted Sjögren's syndrome in several patients infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV), a virus also excreted in saliva, we set up a(More)
Previous studies from this laboratory demonstrated that secondary hyperparathyroidism in dogs with chronic renal disease may occur, at least in part, as a consequence of the need for progressive adaptation in renal phosphorus (P) excretion that occurs as glomerular filtration rate falls. However, the studies were of relatively short duration. Moreover, no(More)
PURPOSE To study the articular morphology (radius of curvature), (diameter, depth, circularity, and percent of circle) of the capitate, proximal lunate, and the lunate fossa of the distal radius using both magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans and plain radiographs. The correlation between plain radiographs and MRI scans for these measurements will also be(More)
PURPOSE The purposes of this study were as follows: (1) to locate the position of the distal wrist flexion crease with respect to the carpal bones, specifically the proximal pole of the capitate, and (2) to determine the cross-sectional area of the carpal canal proximal and distal to the wrist flexion crease to enable us to determine whether or not there is(More)
—Given a bivariate normal sample of correlated variables, an alternative estimator of Pearson's correlation coefficient is obtained in terms of the ranges, |Xi − Yi|. An approximate confidence interval for ρX,Y is then derived, and a simulation study reveals that the resulting coverage probabilities are in close agreement with the set confidence levels. As(More)
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