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We have identified a large population of CD3(-)7(+) cells in human fetal gut. Three- and four-color flow cytometry revealed a distinct surface Ag profile on this population; the majority were negative for CD4 and CD8, whereas most of the remainder expressed the CD8alphaalpha homodimer. In contrast about half of CD3(+) cells expressed CD4 and half expressed(More)
Revision of Ab L chains by secondary rearrangement in mature B cells has the potential to change the specific target of the immune response. In this study, we show for the first time that L chain revision is normal and widespread in the largest Ab producing population in man: intestinal IgA plasma cells (PC). Biases in the productive and non-productive(More)
This appendix formed part of the original submission and has been peer reviewed. We post it as supplied by the authors. investigators. Infliximab versus ciclosporin for steroid-resistant acute severe ulcerative colitis (CONSTRUCT): a mixed methods, open-label, pragmatic randomised trial.
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