John N. Drowatzky

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BACKGROUND Glycine at high doses is known to protect the small intestine against ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury. Here, we studied whether glycine at low clinically applicable doses has a protective effect. METHODS In series 1, intestinal I/R was induced in male Wistar rats by occlusion (90 min)/reopening (120 min) of the superior mesenteric artery.(More)
Research has indicated that negative and positive thoughts may affect sport performance. The purpose of this analogue study was to assess whether negative and positive stimuli influenced tennis performance similar to positive and negative thought. The reaction time (RT) of 40 competitive tennis players was measured during a timed response to a tennis ball(More)
The authors investigated the timing responses of upper extremities to light and sound stimuli of 24 ambulatory, household-only ambulatory, and nonambulatory children with spina bifida. Using a Lafayette reaction and movement timer, each subject performed four timing tasks: (a) simple reaction time, (b) choice reaction time, (c) simple movement time, and (d)(More)