John N. C. Wong

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We study self-dual codes over the rings Z8 and Z9. We define various weights and weight enumerators over these rings and describe the groups of invariants for each weight enumerator over the rings. We examine the torsion codes over these rings to describe the structure of self-dual codes. Finally we classify self-dual codes of small lengths over Z8.
We examine the main linear coding theory problem and study the structure of optimal linear codes over the ring Zm. We derive bounds on the maximum Hamming weight of these codes. We give bounds on the best linear codes over Z8 and Z9 of lengths up to 6. We determine the minimum distances of optimal linear codes over Z4 for lengths up to 7. Some examples of(More)
INTRODUCTION Tension-free mesh repair is currently the gold standard treatment for inguinal hernia. Recent evidence has shown that both open and laparoscopic approaches to inguinal hernia repair can achieve good results. Lots of meshes with different properties are available on the market, but direct comparisons between them are scare. We conducted a(More)
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