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Adoption of temperate agroforestry practices generally remains limited despite considerable advances in basic science. This study builds on temperate agroforestry adoption research by empirically testing a statistical model of interest in native fruit and nut tree riparian buffers using technology and agroforestry adoption theory. Data were collected in(More)
This paper describes our initial methods and results for the collection, fusion, and delivery of geo-referenced data to Web3D clients. We are working to publish environmental monitoring data and citizen sensors to create compelling and scientific experiences of local places. We describe our collection and fusion of 3D point clouds and photospheres and(More)
Pressure on natural resources and local infrastructure often increase in areas of refugee settlement, and food and health security can decline as a result. Agroforestry is the use of trees and crops and/or livestock in the same farming system to achieve production and conservation objectives. These polycultures can help improve food security in refugee(More)
The Millwood (MW) cultivar of the honeylocust (Gleditsia triacanthos L.) tree has gained particular interest for silvopasture systems due to the production of edible, high-sugar seedpods that livestock may consume after pod drop. Two studies were conducted within an active sheep and honeylocust silvopasture to (1) estimate nutritional variability of(More)
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