John Muller

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  • Jeffrey M Skopek, Petrie-Flom Academic, Harvard Law, School J D, School, M Phil +17 others
  • 2015
In this Article, I demonstrate that anonymity has been misconceived as an aspect of privacy, and that understanding this mistake reveals a powerful and underutilized set of legal tools for facilitating and controlling the production of information and other social " goods " (ranging from uncorrupted votes and campaign donations to tissue samples and funding(More)
Note: Copies of orders and resolutions and information on obtaining tapes or transcripts may be obtained from the Executive Assistant, were present. However, the meeting could not begin until another Board member arrived and quorum requirements were met. In the interim, Board members did the following. John Muller presented the State Board's 2005 Customer(More)
1 Abstract Software components are deployed in tightly coupled environments within the context of a component model. Techniques such as Prediction-Enabled Component Technology (PECT) [4] combine component technologies with analysis models to address the issue of consumer trust in the quality of assemblies. Service-oriented thinking and challenges(More)
With business drivers such as innovation and the constant influence of changing requirements, organizations seek ways to increase time-to-market capability, enhance overall productivity and maintain or improve product quality. At the same time these organizations strive to leverage legacy investments. Assets unbundled from these legacy systems, acquired(More)
Recent evidence has suggested that the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist ketamine shows significant therapeutic effects in major depression and bipolar disorder. This effect is especially important in treatment-resistant depression and depression with suicidal ideation. In this review we explain the mechanism of action, drug efficacy, and the side(More)
Biological fluid collection to identify and analyze different disease markers is a routine and normal procedure in health care settings. Body fluids are as varied as urine, blood, mucus, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), tears, semen, etc. The volumes of the collected fluids range from micro liters (e.g., tears, CSF) to tens and hundreds of milliliters (blood,(More)
A quantitative description of the interaction (December 2007) of enhancement and depression of transmitter release at the neuromuscular junction Abstract of a dissertation at the University of Miami. Synaptic transmission alters the strength of the postsynaptic potential, through a process called short-term synaptic plasticity (STP). In this study, endplate(More)
The fundamental limitations and efficient utilization of optical communication channels are the concern of these investigations. Our interests include the turbulent atmospheric channel, scattering channels, scatter channels with absorption, and quantum channels. During the coming year our activities will focus on improving the understanding of scattering(More)
Express has just completed its prime mission in late 2005 and has embarked on its first extended mission cycle. Europe's Mars Express mission has achieved the milestone of 1 martian year in orbit. This paper describes the science operations for Mars Express throughout the nominal mission, including special operations such as the MEX-MER link demo tests. We(More)