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—A sensor net consists of tiny devices with severe energy constraints. Employing energy efficient, sensor-specific MAC protocols is of necessity for sensor nets, and such protocols have been proposed in the literature. Sensor MAC protocols introduces sleep in sensor nodes to conserve energy and the impact of sleep on protocol performance needs a detailed(More)
About the logo The logo for this project was designed by Dr. Bahram Nassersharif with input from Drs. Riley and Mullen. The logo represents technology infrastructure in Native communities depicting telecommunications and digital circuits in a pueblo or village setting supported by both human engineered infrastructure (the triangles) and natural(More)
Although the field of High Performance Computing (HPC) has been evolving rapidly, the development of standardized software systems – MPI, OpenMP, LAPACK, PETSc and others – has in principle made HPC accessible to a wider community. However, relatively few scientists and engineers take advantage of computational science and engineering (CSE) in their(More)
Nonparametric methods are used to measure the impacts of public research expenditures on Australian broadacre agriculture over the 1953-94 period. The data and methods used were unable to recover separate impacts due to extension under several alternative specifications. Preliminary results using both unrestricted and 30 year lagged specifications of the(More)
review. Selected passages, tables or diagrams may be reproduced for such purposes provided acknowledgment of the source is included. Major extracts or the entire document may not be reproduced by any process without the written permission of the Executive Director, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES). The(More)
The issue of the relative returns to farmers from R&D and promotion is examined using a multi-sectoral equilibrium displacement model of the Australian beef industry. Total economic surplus changes and their distributions among various industry groups resulting from 1% cost reductions in various farm and off-farm sectors, and from 1% price premiums from(More)
Acknowledgments I would like to acknowledge the financial assistance provided by the Rural Research and Development Corporation for the project DAN92A, which partly funded this work. This report was prepared over a number of years and as is evident from the references some parts of the work led to joint papers with a number of other staff from NSW(More)