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I Foreword This guidance document has been prepared to assist dischargers and'o: rhsi: consultant laboratories in conducting chronic aquatic toxicity identification evaluations (TIES). TlEs may be required by the state or federal agencies as a resuli of erifxcemen! actions or as a condition of the dischargets National Pollutant Dischrge E;irr,;r,aiiz,rt(More)
  • John Mount
  • 2000
This paper describes methods for counting the number of non-negative integer solutions of the system Ax = b when A is a non-negative totally unimodular matrix and b an integral vector of fixed dimension. The complexity (under a unit cost arithmetic model) is strong in the sense that it depends only on the dimensions of A and not on the size of the entries(More)
The use of combinatorial chemistry has become commonplace within the pharmaceutical industry. Less widespread but gaining in popularity is the derivation of activity models from the high-throughput assays of these libraries. Such models are then used as filters during the design of refined daughter libraries. The design of these second generation libraries,(More)