John Mount

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The use of combinatorial chemistry has become commonplace within the pharmaceutical industry. Less widespread but gaining in popularity is the derivation of activity models from the high-throughput assays of these libraries. Such models are then used as filters during the design of refined daughter libraries. The design of these second generation libraries,(More)
IcePick is a system for computationally selecting diverse sets of molecules. It computes the dissimilarity of the surface-accessible features of two molecules, taking into account conformational flexibility. Then, the intrinsic diversity of an entire set of molecules is calculated from a spanning tree over the pairwise dissimilarities. IcePick's(More)
The effect of learning a throwing skill with the body in one position on performing the skill in a different position was investigated. 40 normal women, aged 20 to 34 years, were randomly assigned to experimental or control groups. Subjects threw darts from two positions, sitting on a Balans chair or reclined on a slanted table. Practice and transfer(More)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Governor, Jeffrey Mount, Davis, Sarah Yarnell, Uc Davis, Sarah Kupferberg +21 others
  • 2008
DISCLAIMER This report was prepared as the result of work sponsored by the California Energy Commission. It does not necessarily represent the views of the Energy Commission, its employees or the State of California. The Energy Commission, the State of California, its employees, contractors and subcontractors make no warrant, express or implied, and assume(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare visual with kinesthetic instruction for learning a motor skill that is not visually monitorable. Previous studies comparing visual and kinesthetic information have all used arm tasks for which the nonvisual condition was artificial. 20 subjects were randomly assigned to either a kinesthetic or a visual instruction(More)